> look at how fluid the border with Mexico is.

> They are just taking back the land you took from them by force,
> but they're using other means and are outsmarting you. It's
> called La Reconquista. ;-)

Obviously you think this is quite clever, since you've used this term 
several times in the past couple of weeks. Not sure what's so clever 
about it, though. You seem to make some assumptions that I'm not sure 
are valid.

You say that "they are just taking back the land you took from them by 
force". Who constitutes "you"? Gary? Europeans? White people? Americans? 
Who exactly are "them"? American aborigines? I don't think any of them 
are still alive. Their descendants? Brown-skinned people of American 
Indian and Hispanic descent? They're still here. Mexicans? Which nation? 
"By force"? How about the lands bought, e.g. Utah lands? What are the 
international laws (heh, heh) regarding land seized in warfare? Since 
the Lamanites took the land from the people of the covenant, does that 
mean if I "reconquisto" lands around New York, I'm just taking back 
what's rightfully mine? How about if I "take back" lands around Nauvoo 
or Independence?

At best, this is a ham-fisted oversimplification of the variety you 
often take pleasure in picking apart. At worst, it's an attempt to 
represent as indefensible things like national security and border 

Or maybe you're just "tweaking" us again. Ha ha, lots of fun, though it 
does tend to increase communication noise. I can't tell when you're 
serious and when you're just going for yuks.


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