> But since you're the one who's here to police our logic,

That's rather unkind. Untrue, as well. I never pursue discussions for 
argument's sake alone. Never.

> perhaps you could tell me when you picked up telepathy as a talent.

A short book called _Telepathy through Reading_. I'm still working my 
way through it.

> You might want to demand a refund on your tuition and
> use that refund to take a quick mini-course on emoticons.

No, I've largely (though not completely) foresworn emoticons as ersatz 
writing crutches. As in your "winky-smiley" example, I can't tell 
whether they mean "I sure am funny, huh?" or "Truth in jest, buddy!" or 
"Is anyone silly enough to believe this?" or something altogether 
different. So, unless the writing is obviously tongue-in-cheek or 
sarcastic, neither of which seemed to apply to yours, I tend to take it 
at face value.


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