After careful consideration, Paul Osborne wrote:
>Generalizations were made and we are reminded not to mix ourselves with 
>Babylon. I feel the prophets should protect the saints and if they are 
>inclined to muster a rebellion with the government--fine. Just count me out.

Who said anything about rebellion?  Maybe the Lord just wants us to be 
savvy.  It might help us raise our children and keep our families 
safe.  Perhaps it will awaken us to our awful situation so that we will be 
more strongly motivated to repent of our sins?  The rise of the secret 
combination is one of the signs of the times prophesied to precede the 
Second Coming.  The Lord uses the signs of the times to help his most 
devoted followers prepare for the Second Coming, and for our passing 
through the veil of death.  In the Book of Mormon those who know the 
prophet's words knew when Christ was to come.  We too will know if we 
remain true and faithful.  And an understanding of this secret combination 
might help us remember the urgency of our preparations.  Otherwise, we 
might be inclined to forget about the imminence of his coming, and get too 
wrapped up in worldly concerns.

John W. Redelfs                       [EMAIL PROTECTED]
"The gospel, the kingdom of God, can prosper only in an
atmosphere of freedom." --Ezra Taft Benson
All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR

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