Steve wrote:
>Below are six statements from President Ezra Taft Benson regarding a
>wide conspiracy that is increasing its evil influence and control over 
>America and the entire world. These warnings have come to us from God 
>through His living prophet. All six statements came after his call in
>to be President of the Church. They cannot be safely ignored. Without an

>understanding of these prophetic warnings, we cannot correctly interpret

>national and world events. 

President Bensen only taught that secret combinations exists in the earth
and in the including the USA. He did NOT target individuals or call our
elected leaders "Gadiantons". I too admit that secret combinations exist
in the earth but as I said, "I'm NOT into conspiracy theories at all".
That means I don't want to know about them and I'm not going to do
anything about it either. Let the prophet go forth and root out the
Gadiantons. I'm not getting involved. He can call fire down from heaven
and destroy them. The First Presidency did not give the church
instructions on how to go out and get the Gadiantons. Generalizations
were made and we are reminded not to mix ourselves with Babylon. I feel
the prophets should protect the saints and if they are inclined to muster
a rebellion with the government--fine. Just count me out.

>President Benson's apostolic statements during 
>the 42 years prior to his becoming President of the Church are also
>as we seek to understand his prophetic statements on this important 
>subject. Many of these apostolic statements were "keynote" addresses
>with the full support, advice, and even explicit recommendation by 
>President David O. McKay. Need two witnesses? Add David O. McKay as a 
>second witness. During this time Elder Benson gave 15 General Conference


What have the prophets done to push a plan to get the Gadiantons? 
Shouldn't they be killed? They are murderers! As I say--I feel that
President Bensen was making generalizations on how the saints should
avoid the evils of the world. There was no formal campaign put in place
to attack the Gadiantons as was done in the Book of Mormon. Today is a
whole new ball game. Things are done differently.

>and President McKay, over a dozen on freedom, free enterprise, fiscal 
>responsibility, the Constitution, and agency. They invariably tied these

>topics into showing the evils of secret combinations. (Sheri Dew, Ezra
>Benson: A Biography, Deseret Book, 1987, pp. 366,367.) Finally, God does

>not call as Prophets men who teach false doctrine.

Great! I'm glad that our prophets are patriotic and recognize the evils
that exist in the world. Now--tell me which President of the USA was
called a Gadianton by a church President? They don't do it and neither
should you or John. It's bad form. And, Gary Smith said it's not right to
do so and he is as strait as an arrow. :-)

Paul O

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