We're pretty sure Abraham "shook hands" (or the cultural equivalent) with the
Pharaoh of his day. In fact, I even believe ETB, as Secretary of Agriculture,
shook hands with Khrushchev while showing him the bounty that was possible (on
mid-Western farms) under the democratic system of agriculture.

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> After careful consideration, Paul Osborne wrote:
> >Nope. And neither was the President of the United States. Prophets don't
> >shake hands with murderers. Let that be a SIGN to you.
> This is not any doctrine I've ever heard.  Did King Ahaz ever shake the
> hand of Elijah?  I'll bet he did.   Did Joseph ever shake the hand of
> Pharoah?  Was Pharoah a murderer.  You tell me, Paul.  You are the list
> Egyptologist.  Isaiah was a trusted adviser to his king during a time when
> the Jews were corrupt.   Didn't he shake hands with the king he was advising?
> I think you are wrong about this.  If you are right, it is new doctrine to
> me.  I'd need to see some sources.
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