I know what you mean, but technically Khrushchev had nothing to do with the
embargo of Cuba, which was put into place by the U.S. I think you mean the
emplacement of missiles there. But what very few USAmericans realize, and what
you apparently aren't taught is that this was in reprisal for something. Trivia
time, boys and girls: anybody know what the original US action was that prompted
the emplacement of missiles in Cuba?

Paul Osborne wrote:

> >I think you have a Pollyanna view of Prophets and their role. In 1959,
> at
> >President McKay's request, [then] Elder Ezra Taft Benson welcomed and
> shook
> >hands with the butcher of the Ukraine, Nikita Kruschev. More recently,
> at
> >the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii, Church leaders met with some
> of
> >the leaders of the murderous Communist Chinese regime. So what? The
> First
> >Presidency meets with a lot of people in an official capacity, not all
> of
> >them righteous upstanding individuals, and a few of them with hearts
> full
> >of murder.
> Well, I don't know much about Kruschev other than he backed down against
> the blockade in Cuba. Whether he is a murderer or not is not for me to
> decide. Same thing goes for the Chinese leaders. And if the prophet does
> shake hands with murderers--all I can say is I am terribly disappointed
> and I disapprove. Oh well. I suppose that these guys you call murderers
> have already been baptized by proxy?
> What a deal. :-(
> Paul O
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