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>Thanks Steven for the quotes from Pres Benson on the secret combinations.
>Now, if we look at his overall writings on the subject, he primarily
>meant communism as that secret combination. He saw many in our own nation
>who had leftist leanings, and saw that as the downfall of our nation. You
>will note, however, that he never mentions anything about the CFR or
>other groups.
>So, I suggest we take his words in the context he placed them, and not
>put words in his mouth. He did not ask us to see shadows of conspiracy
>everywhere, rather to fight against secret combinations as we find them.
>Terrorism is a form of secret combination, where they literally seek to
>get gain through murder.  Communism/socialism has slaughtered millions
>over the past century, it too, is still a great and grave danger.
>K'aya K'ama,
>Gerald/gary  Smith

The realization that communism is but one arm of a much bigger conspiracy 
was slow in coming. At first the prophets warned of Communism because they 
could see its works and knew of its effects. It took books like _Tragedy 
and Hope_ before even Ezra Taft Benson realized that Communism was but a 
bit player in an overall performance. Communism would not even have existed 
without the support of wealthy capitalists who built it up and supported it.

Besides in 1971, when the book, _None Dare Call It Conspiracy_ came out, 
which is an expose of the machinations of the Council On Foreign Relations 
and the Trilateral Commission, who's endorsement appears on the back cover 
with these words,  "I which that every citizen of every country in the free 
world and every slave behind the iron curtain might read this book" Benson 
knew that Communism/Socialism is not merely a movement of the downtrodden 
masses but a scheme promoted by the wealthiest of people. Btw, Radical 
Islam owes much of their support and infrastructure to the help given it 
(and still given) by nations and individuals steeped in Marxism and 
Leninism. Remember flight 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania? Reports by 
those on the plane with cell phones stated that the terrorists were wearing 
red bandanas--a sign of Marxist-Leninist involvement. Of the five suspected 
terrorists arrested in Oregon recently, three of them had names suggestive 
of Marxist-Leninist involvement--Patrice Lumumba Ford, Jeffrey Leon Battle 
and October Martinique Lewis. Patrice Lumumba was a marxist dictator in the 
Congo, "October Martinique" refers to a famous 1794 revolt of slaves on the 
island of Martinique and the phrase figures prominently in Marxist 
literature, and Battle refers to the "struggle" of Marxism-Leninism.

Steven Montgomery

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