On Wed, 16 Oct 2002 01:38:27 -0500 Gary Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Thanks Steven for the quotes from Pres Benson on the secret 
> combinations.
> Now, if we look at his overall writings on the subject, he 
> primarily
> meant communism as that secret combination. He saw many in our own 
> nation
> who had leftist leanings, and saw that as the downfall of our 
> nation. You
> will note, however, that he never mentions anything about the CFR 
> or
> other groups.
> So, I suggest we take his words in the context he placed them, and 
> not
> put words in his mouth. He did not ask us to see shadows of 
> conspiracy
> everywhere, rather to fight against secret combinations as we find 
> them.
> Terrorism is a form of secret combination, where they literally seek 
> to
> get gain through murder.  Communism/socialism has slaughtered 
> millions
> over the past century, it too, is still a great and grave danger. 

Thank you for clearing that up Gary. I feel better now. <and no offence
Steven--I'm just not the political sort at all>

Paul O

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