>Then you would logically follow from your argument that one wouldn't
>to be ordained a god, king and high priest?
>That's not what I read in the scriptures. I read in Rev 1:6 and other
>references that we must be made kings and high priests unto God the

I'm willing to learn and change my view but I know of no scripture that
says we must be ordained High Priests. Rev 1:6 simply acknowledges the
priesthood in that we are a kingdom of priests unto God. If it was
necessary to be a High Priest the ordinations would be performed for the
dead in the temple. I'll change my mind once you submit proof that one
must be ordained a High Priest to become a god. Then again, perhaps when
God ordains us to the office of god it includes everything. What I really
mean to say Gary is that the office of High Priest is not necessary in
this life for every man. I'm sure you will agree with that. 

Paul O

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