Stephen Beecroft:

If a man who has previously served as elder's quorum 
president, then been released, is again called to serve, 
he does not need to have the keys given him. 


Keys, where needed, are given to the person set apart 
for a calling.  He only holds those keys until he is released.  

A man who serves as bishop is ordained to that office 
in the Aaronic Priesthood, then set apart as the bishop 
of a specific ward and given the keys of presidency.  

When he is released, he is still a bishop in the AP by 
ordination, but he no longer has the keys, and would 
be given them again if he were again called to serve.  He 
would not need to be ordained a bishop again, only set 
apart and given keys.

Deacons, teachers, and elders quorum presidents 
receive keys, along with bishops and stake presidents.  
A branch president would also receive keys.  The priests 
quorum president is the bishop, so he already has keys.  
The stake president is the president of the high priests 
quorum and is given those keys as part of his calling.

An apostle receives all the keys upon his ordination, but 
does not use them unless authorized by the president 
of the Church.  He holds those keys until he is released 
(usually by leaving this mortal sphere for a far better place).

Larry Jackson

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