FWIW, this is also my reading of references to "high priests" in *most*
scriptures (I won't make a univeral claim because of course the D&C, especially
in 84 but elsewhere, too, makes a distinction between different offices of the
MP). IOW, it's a reference to the Melchizedek Priesthood in general. So I'm with
Paul on this one (and apparently Stephen); namely, that the MP itself is a
necessary and sufficient condition for exaltation to the highest level of the CK,
and it doesn't matter which office within the MP one has been ordained to.

In a more personal opinion, I speculate that the offices have more to do with
building the kingdom here on the earth than they do with matters of exaltation.

Stephen Beecroft wrote:

> -Gary-
> > We learn in D&C 107 that an apostle is a high priest
> And an elder is a deacon. May we therefore say that in order to bless by
> the laying on of hands, one must be a deacon? Technically it's true, but
> it is certainly misleading.
> In many places in scripture, "high priest" is used to mean "holder of
> the high Priesthood". Don't confuse that with the modern office of "high
> priest", which is a different thing.
> You didn't respond to many other points I brought up, but the main one
> is: Please show some scriptural substantiation for the doctrine you
> taught that all men must be ordained to the modern office of high priest
> in order to progress in their exaltation in the eternities.
> Stephen
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