Gary said:
> There isn't anymore salvation promised to a high priest as to
> an elder (as the MP is all that is required in this life), 


> eventually (presumably if not now, in the next life) one will
> have to be a high priest to preside over a presidency in heaven.

I don't think so Gary and neither does Bruce R. McConkie:
"Only an elder! Only the office which enables a man to enter the new and
everlasting covenant of marriage and to have his wife and children bound
to him with an everlasting tie; only the office which prepares a man to
be a natural patriarch to his posterity and to hold dominion in the house
of Israel forever; only the office required for the receipt of the
fullness of the blessings in the house of the Lord; only the office which
opens the door to eternal exaltation in the highest heaven of the
celestial world, where man becomes as God is.

I would say that you don't have to hold the priesthood to make it into
the lower realm of the celestial kingdom and you don't have to be a High
Priest to be exalted in the highest. I see the office of High Priest as
pertaining to this earth only. The same with apostle too.
Paul O
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