On Wed, 16 Oct 2002 12:00:46 -0800, "John W. Redelfs"
> After careful consideration, Scott McGee wrote:
> >I agree that some things were obvious. This, for me, was not one of them,
> >until one of the Lord's spokesmen told us in conference that we were to
> >be peacemakers. I beleived him and now, to me, it is obvious. We should
> >NOT be making war on Iraq.
> Good for you, Scott. It takes a Christlike man to abandon his wrong ideas 
> to comply with the prophets.


You give me too much credit. I didn't support war with Iraq. I was a
fence sitter because I saw wisdom in both side's arguements. When a
Prophet of the Lord tells me that clearly, however, the debate is over
and I obey. (Usually! Some of the things I was told equally clearly are
still being worked on!)

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