> I think it's time I correct an impression that I somehow have
> an anti-US bias. [...] I am by nature a bit of a contrarian [...]
> the US is the superpower de jour. A century ago I would have
> been "anti-English" so to speak.

Let's see if I understand what you wrote. Here is what I heard:

"I am not anti-US. Rather, I am anti-Big-Kahoona, and the US is the Big 
Kahoona right now."

Please confirm if I have actual reason to laugh, or if I've somehow 
misunderstood you.

> Complaints from the elephant when the mouse steps on its
> foot are taken by me with a grain of salt ;-)

Complaints about elephant poop by the mice when the elephant does all 
the heavy lifting are likewise taken by me with a grain of salt, as are 
countless and endless complaints about elephants by mice who, truth be 
told, simply don't like elephants, whether they're acting appropriately 
or not.


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