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AFAI am concerned, the site's purpose is to sell a book. But when I get to the
other side I'll look for any KAL 007 vets. Who knows.
I don't think the site sell's enough books to pay for itself. The reason Bert Schlossberg is interested in this subject is that he was the son in law of one of the passengers on the plane. Since he was closely connected to the "Israeli Research Center for Prisons, Psychprisons, and Forced Labor Concentration Camps of the USSR, and its director Avraham Shifrin, Schlossberg was able to follow closely the revelations about KAL 007, its landing and the survival of those aboard." Interestingly enough former Soviet military personnel who started to immigrate to Israel kept up a steady flow of information Reports of survivors and other information about KAL007 began to flow into Israel when former Soviet Military personnel began arriving as immigrants and becoming citizens of Israel. He holds a masters degree near eastern studies and currently teaches Aramaic, Syriac and Hebrew at Israel College of the Bible. (See his short bio:

As I mentioned Schlossberg has no connection with the John Birch Society, but interestingly enough the JBS have maintained for years that there are many unanswered questions about what really happened to flight KAL007:

Steven Montgomery

"Secret combinations . . . are built up to get power, gain, and glory of the world. (See Hel. 7:5; Ether 8:9, 16, 22-23; Moses 5:31.) . . . Secret combinations brought down both the Jaredite and the Nephite civilizations and [have] been and will yet be the cause of the fall of many nations. (See Ether 8:18-25.)" (President Ezra Taft Benson, Conference Report, Oct. 1989, Ensign, May 1989, p. 6.)

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