At 11:58 PM 10/21/2002, Marc wrote:

Straw man, Steven. I have never tried to argue that Castro is not Communist, is not
a dictator. We are talking right past each other. I'm admitting all the bad things
you are saying about him, but saying that the US had a large -- indeed, the major
-- part to play in paving the way for him to come to power. You could have
prevented it by nurturing democracy but you chose instead to nurture tyranny. I
don't care what colour you paint the giant bronze statue in the town square --
Communist red is the same as Fascist brown or Plutocratic green and gold in my
Then what are we arguing about? Because I generally agree with your position here. Gadianton Robbers located in the U.S. *did* have a great part to play in Castro coming to power. Just as they played a part in the Bolshevik revolution and helping Mao come to power. Such was the general thesis in books such as, _None Dare Call It Conspiracy_, _The Naked Capitalist_, and others.

Steven Montgomery

"Nations are defined by their founders. George Washington set a standard of
selfless public service and heroic private virtue against which American
politicians continue to be measured - and found wanting - even today." --Steven W. Mosher
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