> And, for the record <John ;-)>  I am a good Mormon Democrat (put
> the modifer where you will).

Then I'm willing to bet you're not a liberal Democrat. Because of that, 
many other Democrats would certainly not consider you to be "good". But 
I agree with you; it's possible to be a faithful Latter-day Saint and a 
"good" Democrat. Indeed, it's impossible to be a faithful Latter-day 
Saint and any other kind of Democrat. But in my judgment, you can't be a 
liberal Democrat, supporting the liberal Democrat party line, and still 
be a faithful, believing Latter-day Saint. Much as some, American and 
otherwise, might find that hard to understand, I think it's 

> my role as a registered Democrat is to find fault with
> everything he does.

Do you really believe this? Because if it's true, then even if the mayor 
were a paragon of virtue and you agreed with all his decisions, your 
"role as a registered Democrat" would still be "to find fault with 
everything he does".

For what it's worth, I don't think it's ever our role to find fault with 
our leaders; but if the fault is there, then we should certainly do what 
we can to ameliorate the situation. Our elected leaders are our leaders, 
whether we agree with them or not, and they ought to be viewed and 
treated as such. Much as I disliked the Clinton presidency, I never had 
a "My President is Charlton Heston / Newt Gingrich / Gordon Hinckley" 
bumper sticker. I might speak out against him, but I give him his due.


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