>Wrong. It is not anti-Christ. Most Jewish religions now see Christ as a
>righteous man who taught good. They respect him as a teacher of
>righteousness. They just do not accept him as Messiah.
>Anti-Christ is a person/group that actively teaches against Christ and
>his righteousness. See Moroni 7 for a definition. They teach a
>terrestrial law, which can lead people to Christ and good works. You
>not see any GAs say that the Jews are anti-Christ.

Good grief. Am I completely loosing it or what?

The Jewish religion is NOT for Jesus Christ the Son of God but is
anti-Christ and denies the Son of the Most High God. There are two
churches only--the church of the Devil and the church of the Lamb
regardless of how you interpret Moroni 7.

I'm surprised you have taken this position. If you want to argue this on
the Doctrine List I am willing to. Otherwise--you may have your flip side
and believe the Jewish religion is pro-Christ. Whatever.

Paul O

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