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> >We know that a temple will be built in Jerusalem before the Second 
> >Coming.
> >Question: will the temple in Jerusalem have to be built 
> >and dedicated under the authority and supervision of the Melchizedek 
> >priesthood?  Or will unbelieving Jews find some way of building a real 
> >temple without authority from God?
> I think we have been here before. It's a good subject. I say that the
> Jews can't build a temple that the Lord will accept.

I disagree. The Jews have all the information to build the Temple
carefully recorded in the Old Testament. They have to find some of the
descendants of Levi to preside. These descendants have a right to the
Aronic Preisthood which (unless I am mistaken) is what was used with the
original Temple. 

I think that after the second coming, they will have to have it
rededicated by the Melchizedek Priesthood before it can be used for the
temple rights that we perform.

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