I don't believe there is any inconsistency or contradiction in Church doctrine on the matter, but am becoming increasingly disturbed by what I see as a growing inconsistency in the minds of the saints over the relative merits of apostate religions and true Christianity as only practised by the saints. Of course there is some truth in other denominations. So what? Nobody has ever said otherwise. But the whole idea of a "true" Church loses all meaning if we don't remember that for there to be a true Church there have to be false churches. False churches teach false doctrine. They do not lead their members towards Christ. On the contrary, most of them so confuse their members with false teachings that they reject our missionaries when otherwise they might have listened to them.

If it isn't a true Church, it is a false church. I should think that would be obvious. The saints seem to be incapable of understanding the difference between the false doctrine taught by other churches and the good people who are misled by those doctrines. We need to learn to discern between the various churches that people belong to and the people themselves.

But no, every time I point out something wrong about the teachings of another church, I get practically booed out of the house by protestations that other churches have some truth. Did I ever deny it? They just don't have priesthood. They don't have unpolluted doctrines. The do not have the power to save. And if a person remains committed to them, they will be damned for rejecting the servants of Christ and his gospel. A man who lives and dies a Buddhist has as much chance of obtaining eternal life as a Baptist who does the same. I say this keeping in mind that some Buddhists join the Church, and so do some Baptists. But they are the only Buddhists and Baptists we are going to be associating with in the Celestial Kingdom if we are fortunate enough to end up there ourselves.

Broad is the path to destruction, but the narrow gate to the Celestial Kingdom is the baptism performed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And there is no other way to get in. No one obtains the Celestial Kingdom unless he becomes, dead or alive, a member of the Church.

There seem to be a lot of people who are losing sight of this fundamental teaching of the gospel.

If you were a poor Indian with no weapons, and a bunch
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