After reading your response to John, I had a thought (I know,
scary thing).  Sometimes--in fact many times--in the scriptures and
doctrines of the church, one word does mean many different things.  For
example--salvation and exaltation.  Are they the same??  Sometimes
"Salvation" is used in a context to mean "Exaltation" but generally
speaking, and standing alone, they are not.

        I think context is important as you make your list of relevant
scriptures.  For instance, we are gentiles.  Most of us have earth
origins that go back to Europe--or that is predominant in our genealogy. 
However, we are adopted into the tribes of Israel by our righteousness. 
That is what my patriarchal blessing tells me.  I am of the tribe of
Ephraim.  Am I a direct descendent of Ephraim?  I doubt it.  It's an
adoption thing.

        In another context, the term gentile is meant to refer to the
worldly world--those who do not have the light of Christ. 

end of thoughts 


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