Scott McGee wrote:
Ok, question time. If a person is excomunicated due to them having 
taught false doctrine, is a statement from them renouncing the false 
doctrine required for their repentance?

If there is such a policy, I have not heard of it.

In my experience, the specific information relating to most disciplinary 
courts is never disclosed by the church, notwithstanding circumstances 
where you might think that some public straightening-out would be in 
order.  At the most, I have on occasion heard brief statements read in a 
local priesthood meeting, generally to the effect that so-and-so is no 
longer in fellowship with the church.  I have never heard of an 
excommunicated member being encouraged to make public statements, either 
to renounce the false teaching he might have been promoting or for any 
other reason.  In fact it would seem that the opposite approach is 
generally followed--excommunicated members are usually discouraged from 
publically discussing their problems or mistakes.  Those that air their 
dirty laundry seemingly tend to be continuing in open defiance against 
the counsel of local leaders, some going to extremes like holding press 
conferences or publishing books or articles "exposing" their supposedly 
unfair handling by ecclesiastical authorities.

Those who would repent and seek to have their membership restored seem 
to see this as a private matter, of which they have little desire to 
discuss publically.  

Mij Ebaboc

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