>In fact it would seem that the opposite approach is 
>generally followed--excommunicated members are usually discouraged from 
>publically discussing their problems or mistakes

My last Stake President was excommunicated. Shortly after his
excommunication he being accompanied by the new Stake President visited
the priesthood quorums and the Relief Society to express his apologies. I
seem to remember he visited the youth too. 
He appeared to be very sorry but no longer towered with a spiritual aura
but appeared shrunken. It was evident that he did not have the Holy
Ghost. It was really strange.

Take heed brothers and sisters, any of us including the sanctified can
fall. And that means you! Watch and be on guard. Pray always and don't
give up. Satan has your number and he will work on you relentlessly. He
does with me and I'm having a hard time holding on as I'm going through
the fire of testing. Gadzooks, I will be glad when it's over--someday.

Paul O

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