Hello fellow Zionites,
I was reading from the book of Mormon, chapters 5-7, when I noticed the
following verse in chapter 6:
4. Know ye that ye must lay down your weapons of war, and delight no
more in the shedding of blood, and take them not again, save it be that
God shall command you.
Now, when I read this I see a couple of different perspectives, and I
wanted to garner your input as well.
1. Mormon had just witnessed the destruction of his people. The
Lamanites not only wiped out the Nephites, but they were at war with
each other continually. Thus, Mormon knew that they needed to lay down
their weapons of war in order to repent of all their sins and iniquities
(see v.5).
2. However, I believe that Mormon was writing to the remnant of the
seed of Jacob (primarily the Lamanites, since that was all that were
left) in the latter days, and not necessarily to those living in his
time. Was he talking specifically about the inter-tribal warfare that
existed among the Native Americans, or is this commandment still in
force now?
3. According the recorded history in the Book of Mormon, the Lamanites
were primarily the aggressive party in their wars with the Nephites.
Only in times of wickedness did the Nephites attack the Lamanites in
wars of aggression. The idea that Captain Moroni instigated a war of
aggression to clear out the east wilderness is false (IMNSHO) and falls
under the provision "save it be that God shall command you." Given the
righteousness of Captain Moroni, I doubt he would do anything that was
contrary to the commandments of God.
4. While this verse is targeted to the Lamanites specifically, does it
apply to us Gentiles of European descent? If so, then the real question
is this: Has God commanded us to go to war against our neighbors?
Specifically, have we been commanded to invade Iraq? Or are we
delighting in the shedding of blood? What does that phrase mean to you?
I know many of you have commented on these things already in other
threads, but I am wondering how we reconcile the above-mentioned verse
in the discussion.

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