At 08:41 AM, Thursday, 10/31/02, Geoff FOWLER wrote:
I know that we are supposed to defend ourselves. However, I have a difficult time reconciling what we (meaning the United States) are currently doing in the world and the words given to us by the Savior through Joseph Smith in section 98 of the Doctrine and Covenants:
Aha... Somebody else knows about the Lord's Law of War as expounded in the Section 98 of the Doctrine and Covenants. I have posted it here twice in this debate, but I don't think anyone was listening.

I think we have a right to defend ourselves. I don't think that we have buried our weapons of war in the earth, nor do I think we should. I just think we ought to save our weapons, and our fighting men, so they will be available should an enemy land troops on the beaches of southern California, or invade from the south across the Mexican border.

Besides, there are probably more terrorists here in the USA than there are in Iraq. And most of them probably have good jobs, and financially support the killers among them. If we are going to make war with the terrorists, it ought to be here, not in Iraq and Afghanistan. Is there anybody here who actually thinks that bombing these Islamic nations is going to reduce our risk from terrorist attacks here in the USA?

Tell me, are there any terrorist training in Afghanistan today? How about Pakistan? And unless we have militarily secured those states, how can we be sure?

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