To those who defend apostate sects:

You just don't get it. There was a Great Apostasy during the first two centuries of the Christian era. It was caused by the devil and his followers introducing false doctrine. The apostasy was complete. The priesthood was taken from the earth. The churches not only lost their right to perform the saving ordinances, but they also began to teach false doctrine.

Remember, outside of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints this apostasy is still going on. More and more true doctrine is lost as century after century the vestigial, true doctrine is replaced with false doctrine.

The Restoration has begun. It is ongoing. Once again angels visit the earth and teach our Savior's pure and redeeming doctrine. Among the Latter-day Saints, and among them alone, the truth has been restored by angels, the Holy Ghost, and true prophets.

But outside the Church the apostasy continues. Satan has been successful in corrupting "all flesh" and "darkness prevails upon the earth, among the children of men."
(Doctrine and Covenants, Section 38:11) There is only one shining ray of hope, one glimmer of light in the darkness. And that is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint, the restoration of the true doctrines of Jesus Christ.

There are good people in the other churches. Because of the Holy Ghost these good people do not believe everything their ministers tell them. But the religion those ministers teach, the doctrines they learned in the seminaries and post divinity degree programs, are false. And it is evil to teach them, just as it is a fatal mistake to believe them.

True, the growing darkness is not a perfect darkness. There are still some vestiges of truth among the other sects. That is why President Hinckley, and every prophet before him, tells those of other religions to keep the truth that they have and let us add to it. But let there be no mistake, the doctrine taught by their religious leaders is evil. It is evil because it perverts the right way of the Lord. And in many cases, perhaps most, it does not prepare them for our missionaries. Rather it hardens them in their wrong way.

Your friend and brother,
John W. Redelfs, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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