Thanks -- now I see what he was getting at.

Stephen Beecroft wrote:

> -Marc-
> > Are there people here who defend apostate sects? Or is this a
> > high council talk ;-)
> Actually, I agree with John in this. It's one thing to say that
> some/many/most/all religions contain truths. It's quite another to say
> that God directed that they be established as a sort of "halfway house"
> for sinners in their journey to him. The former seems obvious; the
> latter is directly contrary to my understanding of God's dealings with
> us. Yes, good and honest men and women, working through the light of
> Christ, can bring to pass good works. That does not mean that those
> works, be they social contributions or religious organizations, are
> inspired by God, approved of him, or granted any special status outside
> what the Lord told Joseph Smith about the creeds of his (and our) day.
> I would not choose to lead into a conversation with a non-member by
> citing this fact, however. In some instances, our similarities are much
> more important than our differences. But let's not be deceived into
> believing that Such-and-such Church or sect or religion has been set up
> under the inspiration of God for the edification of his children. I
> disbelieve that, and in fact believe it to be in direct contradiction to
> our teachings, as I mentioned above.
> Stephen
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