> Are there people here who defend apostate sects? Or is this a
> high council talk ;-)

Actually, I agree with John in this. It's one thing to say that 
some/many/most/all religions contain truths. It's quite another to say 
that God directed that they be established as a sort of "halfway house" 
for sinners in their journey to him. The former seems obvious; the 
latter is directly contrary to my understanding of God's dealings with 
us. Yes, good and honest men and women, working through the light of 
Christ, can bring to pass good works. That does not mean that those 
works, be they social contributions or religious organizations, are 
inspired by God, approved of him, or granted any special status outside 
what the Lord told Joseph Smith about the creeds of his (and our) day.

I would not choose to lead into a conversation with a non-member by 
citing this fact, however. In some instances, our similarities are much 
more important than our differences. But let's not be deceived into 
believing that Such-and-such Church or sect or religion has been set up 
under the inspiration of God for the edification of his children. I 
disbelieve that, and in fact believe it to be in direct contradiction to 
our teachings, as I mentioned above.


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