For those interested in CBW, here's a speculation as to the gas
(actually combination of gases) probably used by the Russian Alpha unit*
to disarm the Chechen hostage takers in the Moscow theatre:


Complications included: 1) uncertainty as to how much gas would be
needed to be delivered quickly enough through the building's ventilation
system; 2) the already stressed situation of the captives; and of course
3) the refusal of the Army to give the hospitals the information they
needed to deliver an antidote. This appears to have been used as an
experiment by the Alpha unit.

*my son served a mission in Russia and had a "summer missionary" from
Moscow who knew a member of the Alpha unit who was in training in
Moscow. He said they select orphans and bring them up, educate them and
they basically dedicate their whole lives to being one of these special
ops, similar to Canada's JTF2, the British SAS or the US Special Forces.
There are several other such units, too -- one is called Vy-- something;
I couldn't understand the word well enough to transcribe it.

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