Jim, your cynical lack of faith in mankind leaves me shocked and 
appalled. I'll have you know that I just borrowed $25k to help out 
another poor Nigerian in a similar circumstance. I did it mostly out of 
the goodness of my heart, but frankly I expect a five MILLION (that's 
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmillion -- WOW!) dollar payoff by the end of the week. 
But I guess that's the difference between us; I'm a trusting and 
guileless soul looking to do good in the world, so naturally good things 
come back to me a thousandfold.

I'll let you know when my bank account fattens up so you can rejoice 
with me in the great blessings that grow from my trusting, selfless 


Jim Cobabe wrote:
> An interesting note in my mailbox today...
> Since I'm already independently wealthy, I have no interest in this 
> unique investment opportunity.  No need to be selfish, I said to myself. 
>  Perhaps someone else could benefit from the promised 5 million dollars.
> In all honesty, even if these crooks delivered on their promises, I 
> figure the government and my exwife would claim all the money, leaving 
> me with only the legal liability and bureacratic snarls.
> But I was wondering--where exactly is Lagos?  Sounds like a toy for 
> children.
> ;->
> ----Included Text----
> 25 randle Street,
> victoria Island,
> Lagos.
> IFax:17756401249
>  30/10/2002
> Dear Sir,
> I would like to firstly send to you the best wishes of good
> health and success in your pursuits particularly through
> my proposal as contained in this letter.
> Before going into details of my proposal to you, I must
> first implore you to treat with the utmost confidentiality
> as this is required for its success and to have faith in
> this transaction,for opportunities
> like this only comes to one once in a life time.
> My colleagues and I are senior officials of the Federal
> Government of my country's Contracts Review Panel (CRP) who
> are interested in diverting some funds that are presently
> floating in the accounts of the Apex Bank of my country.In
> order to commence this transaction,
> we solicit for your assistance to enable us transfer into
> your nominated account the said floating funds. We are
> determined to conclude the transfer before the end of this
> quarter of 2002.
> The source of the funds are as follows: During the last
> military regime in my country,government officials set up
> companies and awarded themselves contracts that were
> grossly over-invoiced in various ministries and
> parastatals.The present civilian government set up the
> Contract Review Panel, which has the mandate to use the
> instruments of payments made available to it by the decree
> setting up the panel, to review these contracts and if
> necessary pay those who are being owed outstanding amounts.
> My colleagues and I have identified quite a huge sum of
> these funds which are presently floating in our (Apex)
> Central Bank ready for disbursement and would like to
> divert some of it for our own purposes. However, by virtue
> of our positions as civil servants
> and members of this panel, we cannot acquire these funds
> in our names or in the names of companies that are based
> in my country. I have therefore been mandated,as a matter
> of trust by my colleagues in
> the panel, to look for a reliable overseas partner into
> whose account we can transfer the sum of
> U.S.$20,500,000.00 (Twenty
> million, five hundred thousand U.S. dollars).That is why I
> am seeking your assistance. We have agreed to share the
> money to be transferred into your account, if you agree
> with our proposition as follows;
> (i)25% to the account owner(you).
> (ii)65% for us (the panel officials).
> (iii)10% to be used in settling all expenses (by both
> you and us) incidental to the actualization of this
> project.
> We wish to invest our share of the proceeds of this project
> in foreign stock markets and other viable business till we
> are ready and able to have access to them without raising
> any eyebrows here at home. Please note that this
> transaction is 100% safe and risk-free.
> We intend to effect the transfer within fourteen (14)
> banking days from the date of receipt of the following
> information through the ifax number stated above:Your
> company's name,address,telephone and
> fax numbers we will use your company’s name to apply for
> the payment and backdate the award of the contract in
> favour of your company. We are looking forward to doing
> this transaction with you and we solicit for your utmost
> confidentiality in this transaction.
> I will bring you into a more detailed picture of this
> transaction when I hear from you.Please get intouch
> through my american internet FAX # 177756401249.
> Best regards,


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