They must be stepping up their "attack" of these scam letters. I usually receive one or two of these a year, but, for some odd reason, just in the last few weeks I've received several.

Steven Montgomery

At 08:25 PM 10/31/2002, you wrote:
I know there's a lot of hilarity in this thread, but in all seriousness, you
should let your local authorities know -- I presume that means the FBI in your
case. The Nigerian scam has been going on since the early '80s when we used to
get faxed letters from Nigeria where I worked (no, wait a minute -- I worked in
*Ottawa*, not *Lagos*, although I've been to Lagos. Armpit of the world. I would
never go back there again, but I digress).

In Canada the RCMP has a unit dedicated to tracking these and trying to promote
awareness of it (you would be surprised at what a potent combination naivete and
greed can be). It's morphed into other versions, too. The cutest I've seen is
supposedly from the widow of Mobuto Sese Seko who needs help unfreezing her
husband's illicitly stashed gazillions in Swiss banks with serpentine
bureaucrazies and byzantine regulations. Fees for this, and fees for that, and
before you know it you're starting to pawn off the fleet of Bentleys...

Canadians are urged to forward anything like this they get to the RCMP -- see for further information.

Jim Cobabe wrote:

> An interesting note in my mailbox today...
> Since I'm already independently wealthy, I have no interest in this
> unique investment opportunity. No need to be selfish, I said to myself.
> Perhaps someone else could benefit from the promised 5 million dollars.
> In all honesty, even if these crooks delivered on their promises, I
> figure the government and my exwife would claim all the money, leaving
> me with only the legal liability and bureacratic snarls.
> But I was wondering--where exactly is Lagos? Sounds like a toy for
> children.
> ;->
> ----Included Text----
> 25 randle Street,
> victoria Island,
> Lagos.
> IFax:17756401249
> 30/10/2002
> Dear Sir,
> I would like to firstly send to you the best wishes of good
> health and success in your pursuits particularly through
> my proposal as contained in this letter.
> Before going into details of my proposal to you, I must
> first implore you to treat with the utmost confidentiality
> as this is required for its success and to have faith in
> this transaction,for opportunities
> like this only comes to one once in a life time.
> My colleagues and I are senior officials of the Federal
> Government of my country's Contracts Review Panel (CRP) who
> are interested in diverting some funds that are presently
> floating in the accounts of the Apex Bank of my country.In
> order to commence this transaction,
> we solicit for your assistance to enable us transfer into
> your nominated account the said floating funds. We are
> determined to conclude the transfer before the end of this
> quarter of 2002.
> The source of the funds are as follows: During the last
> military regime in my country,government officials set up
> companies and awarded themselves contracts that were
> grossly over-invoiced in various ministries and
> parastatals.The present civilian government set up the
> Contract Review Panel, which has the mandate to use the
> instruments of payments made available to it by the decree
> setting up the panel, to review these contracts and if
> necessary pay those who are being owed outstanding amounts.
> My colleagues and I have identified quite a huge sum of
> these funds which are presently floating in our (Apex)
> Central Bank ready for disbursement and would like to
> divert some of it for our own purposes. However, by virtue
> of our positions as civil servants
> and members of this panel, we cannot acquire these funds
> in our names or in the names of companies that are based
> in my country. I have therefore been mandated,as a matter
> of trust by my colleagues in
> the panel, to look for a reliable overseas partner into
> whose account we can transfer the sum of
> U.S.$20,500,000.00 (Twenty
> million, five hundred thousand U.S. dollars).That is why I
> am seeking your assistance. We have agreed to share the
> money to be transferred into your account, if you agree
> with our proposition as follows;
> (i)25% to the account owner(you).
> (ii)65% for us (the panel officials).
> (iii)10% to be used in settling all expenses (by both
> you and us) incidental to the actualization of this
> project.
> We wish to invest our share of the proceeds of this project
> in foreign stock markets and other viable business till we
> are ready and able to have access to them without raising
> any eyebrows here at home. Please note that this
> transaction is 100% safe and risk-free.
> We intend to effect the transfer within fourteen (14)
> banking days from the date of receipt of the following
> information through the ifax number stated above:Your
> company's name,address,telephone and
> fax numbers we will use your company's name to apply for
> the payment and backdate the award of the contract in
> favour of your company. We are looking forward to doing
> this transaction with you and we solicit for your utmost
> confidentiality in this transaction.
> I will bring you into a more detailed picture of this
> transaction when I hear from you.Please get intouch
> through my american internet FAX # 177756401249.
> Best regards,
> /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
> /// ZION LIST CHARTER: Please read it at ///
> /// ///
> /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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