On Tue, 05 Nov 2002 00:59:01 -0900 "John W. Redelfs"
> After much pondering, Gary Smith favored us with:
> >Archaeology also shows that Jericho didn't have the "walls tumbling 
> down" 
> >when Joshua fought it.
> I don't believe archaeology knows what it is talking about.  The 
> scriptures 
> say that the walls came tumbling down, so they did.  And that's 
> that.  So 
> how do we reconcile the fact that the archaeological remains down 
> show a 
> tumbled down wall.  I think it can be reconciled in a couple of 
> ways.  1) 
> Archaeologists may have the wrong ruins, that is, they are 
> excavating a 
> town that is not Jericho.  2) The have the right town, but all of 
> the 
> tumbled wall was used as building materials for constructing another 
> wall 
> and building homes.  3) After the walls tumbled, and the town was 
> destroyed, it was rebuilt in another location keeping the same 
> name.
> Whatever the case, there has to be a reconciliation.  Or are we to 
> suppose 
> that the bible could be wrong about so simple a thing?  If we can't 
> trust 
> the bible on so simple a thing as the destruction of Jericho, why 
> should we 
> believe the story of the parting of the Red Sea, or the story of 
> Joshua 
> stopping the sun in the sky, or the parting of the waters of Jordan, 
> or 
> manna falling from heaven?
> I consider it far more likely that archaeologist are wrong than it 
> is that 
> the scriptures are wrong.

I agree with you on this issue, John. They are digging in the wrong place
and have the levels all out of whack. The chronology as understood by
modern man is in grave error. Egyptologist David Rhol has made excellent
points (with real facts) on how they are digging in the wrong level--in
the wrong time. It all goes back to the misdating by modern science.

The book "Pharaohs and Kings" by David Rhol offers compelling reasons to
rethink how things have been dated. He has also done a documentary that
was on TV. It might be in your library. I doubt you have time or interest
but his website is (in case any one is interested and has heard of his


But, to save you time, I wrote a small scholarly paper reflecting (exact
points) David Rhol's book regarding some key points of interest on how
Egyptologists have assigned too many years to some of the dynasties of
late. I highly recommend you read it because it will introduce you to his
work which has become a significant force in the world of psedo
Egyptology. David Rhol is not religious at all but has interest in
showing how the Bible has gotten a bum rap by modern science. His work is
extremely compelling!


Paul O

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