After much pondering, Stacy Smith favored us with:
And the prophecies coming to pass? Somewhere we must come down to objective measurements.


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After much pondering, Stacy Smith favored us with:
If it is all in your mind, then how about the thousands of others who have not only experienced God but also written prophecies, etc.?
Maybe they are all part of my vivid dream?  --JWR
Of course I agree with you. I'm just having fun pointing out how little we can actually be sure of. The whole universe, it seems, is made of molecules, that are made of atoms, that are made of electrons, protons, and neutrons. And the space between the orbit of an electron is immense when scale is taken into consideration. What this means is that most things are more "not" than "are." There isn't that much difference between matter and energy. And all creation has to be held in place by the priesthood and faith of God.

Now if matter is so... empty, if we are really just a mass of whirling atomic and subatomic particles, then anyone with the requisite faith can literally move mountains just by wishing them elsewhere.

I don't believe that we are just a vivid dream. Life is real. But I consider those foolish who insist that such and so has to be the case because of a, b, and c. The fact is, all Heavenly Father would have to do to totally change the world, the solar system, the galaxy, indeed the whole universe is imagine them differently, or to will them to change.

Should anyone marvel that a human being like Jehovah could part the Red Sea, when it was He who put this planet into its present orbit around the sun?

In a way, all of reality is merely a vivid dream that God is having, the difference being, of course, that he has control of his dreams while we do not.

"Atheistic humanism is the opiate of the self-described
intellectuals" --Uncle Bob
All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR

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