I think we are in danger of throwing the baby out with the bath water when
we start labeling as figurative those things that might be literally
true.  And we need to remember that just because something is symbolism,
doesn't mean that is not also literally true.  Literal facts can serve as

There is equal danger in labeling figurative items as literal.

I would like to see a thread on how we separate the figurative from the
literal in scripture.  Do we just automatically assume a thing is only a
figure of speech if it doesn't fit in with our naturalistic interpretation
of the human past?

The problem, as I see it, of the literal versus symbolic truths in the
bible lies in the history of how we got it. We've been told that it is the
Word of God - as far as it is translated correctly. Translated by who? How
many times? How many languages? How many years was it passed from
generation to generation orally before someone wrote it all down, in some
new written language - subject to interpretation, before they got too old
to pass it on.

The historical literalness of the bible is not as important as the
spiritual understanding behind the events told about.
 - Whether or not Cain and Able were farmers and herders of sheep, and the
direct literal sons of Adam is not as critical as the recognition that
anger and envy are tools that Satan can use to direct our actions.
 - Is it more important that the walls of Jericho fell as described, or
that the people of the covenant were successful as long as they followed

Personally, my testimony does not rest on whether or not the bible can be
proven historical or not. There are too many years, translations, and
interpretations, between then and now, and too many things that we will
never be able to physically prove - most evidence has been physically
destroyed by time. Sure, it's nice when evidence does surface that supports
some biblical event, but it's not critical to my understanding of His plans
for me.

A testimony should never rest on whether or not the sea actually parted
a'la Charlton Heston, but on how willing and capable He is in helping you
succeed in following His commandments.

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