What are we to do if our talents are being hindered?


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This is true. Each has their own challenges, opportunities, talents, gifts and
assignments in life. This is what I get from what Paul says in I Corinthians 13.
YOUR challenge and MY challenge are to use those to the best of our advantage. I
learned a very interesting lesson recently. I've been going through a great deal
of physical pain due to some neurological problems (among other things I had a
blood clot on the brain, between the surface and the lining of the brain, called a
subdural haematoma, which they say is one of the most painful things a person can
experience, along with childbirth and kidney stones). A neuropsychologist (who is
a diagnostician, not a counsellor) told me that I would probably have this
difficulty, due to brain damage in the parietal pre-frontal lobe of my brain, for
quite some time, and I had to learn to separate pain itself, which I can't do
anything about (beyond analgaesic relief) and "suffering" which he defined as my
reaction to pain. He told me to take more "social risks" and if I have a seizure
in public, well, so what of it? Other people's reaction to it is their problem.

Now let's turn that around. If you have a talent, you have a responsibility to
magnify it. Other people, who may not have that talent, should not envy you for
it, but should be glad for you, and should not react negatively when you succeed
in that area. We put a lot of barriers in our own way, and often attempt to put
barriers in other people's lives, too. Don't let anyone put barriers in your way.

And what I've said goes for Gary, too. I'm sure I'm not telling any of you
anything you don't already know, but this is by way of encouragement.

Stacy Smith wrote:

> Not all of us are required to prove theories.
> Stacy.
> At 03:55 PM 11/04/2002 -0900, you wrote:
> >After much pondering, Gary Smith favored us with:
> >>No, it is postulating a theory. Once a theory is set out for all to read,
> >>then it is up to the rest of us to disprove the theory by testing it
> >>against known evidences. That does not yet make it a fact, as future
> >>evidence can always refute a theory. Without theories, we would not
> >>advance in science or knowledge. The danger comes when we convince
> >>ourselves that a theory is a fact, when in fact, it isn't.
> >
> >So basically what you are saying is that I can forward any way out weird
> >theory, maybe like something that Velikovsky or von Daniken might write,
> >and the burden of proof is on us to use evidence to showing how wrong
> >headed my theory is.
> >
> >I disagree that a person can responsibly postulate a theory and then
> >expect it to be accepted unless someone can disprove it. Even a theory
> >needs to be supported with some kind of evidence. Otherwise it isn't even
> >a theory, just a wild speculation.
> >
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