Well put. Scientists do not use words the way lay people do, and it can be
confusing if you don't know the "code."

Gary Smith wrote:

> No, it is postulating a theory. Once a theory is set out for all to read,
> then it is up to the rest of us to disprove the theory by testing it
> against known evidences. That does not yet make it a fact, as future
> evidence can always refute a theory. Without theories, we would not
> advance in science or knowledge. The danger comes when we convince
> ourselves that a theory is a fact, when in fact, it isn't.
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> JWR:
> It seems to me that an honest scholar would just stick to writing things
> he
> can authenticate using the documentary record, or at least the
> archaeological record.  In the absence of such records the author isn't
> just engaging in unfounded supposition, he is engaged in irresponsible
> guessing and wild speculation.  That is, he is just making up the
> story.  Such a book is fiction, not nonfiction.
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