> Have any of you seen the comedy entitled Mars Attacks.  It is
> hilarious, and one of my favorite, recent films.

To each his own, I suppose. Michelle and I watched this some years ago, 
and we each thought it was one of the very worst, un-funniest, 
unpleasant movies we had ever had the misfortune of watching. It tried 
so hard to be over-the-top in cynical, gruesome humor, but instead it 
was mostly just unwatchable. The only reason we finished it was that it 
had come highly recommended by a couple of people, so we (or I) kept on 
saying, "It _must_ get better than this." Unfortunately, it did not. 
Perhaps worst of all was not the grotesqueness of the "humor", but its 
mind-numbing predictability. (NOTE: SPOILER ALERT) The funniest part of 
the whole movie, which merited a slight half-smile from me and an 
eye-roll from Michelle, was the usage of Slim Whitman music to explode 
the Martians' heads at the end of the movie. On the whole, pretty much a 
waste of my time from beginning to end.

In contrast, I found _Death Becomes Her_ to be a very funny show, though 
the humor was so dark and gruesome that I did not think the humor was 
worth the experience. I wouldn't recommend the movie, but at least it 
was funny.


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