And, to add to Marc's comments (don't faint, Marc :-), we would suffer
greatly in both the short and the long run were we to so over-react.

I believe that sometime soon, someone will use a tactical nuke to take out a
carrier battlegroup - they have no other way of doing it.  If we were to use
nukes now, then we would create a situation where we had sowed the seeds of
our own loss.  We would have the moral low ground when that event occurs.

We need to always take the high road, so that, if and when the time comes
that we have to respond in kind, we can do with honor.


Marc A. Schindler wrote:

You weren't attacked by a nation. That's the problem.

Paul Osborne wrote:

> >Actually he admitted it on a videotape played on Al-Jezeera television,
> out of
> >Doha, Qatar, the day after. He'd prepared the video ahead of time, so
> there's not
> >much doubt.
> Right. And, I'm in favor of nuclear strikes if necessary--if that's what
> it takes to knock out those people that support terrorism. And, I'm not
> kidding either. We should have just nuked those mountains instead of
> wasting time going up there to shoot them. We should demonstrate that an
> attack on US soil will be met with the greatest of force. Then, these
> punky nations will learn to fear us and police themselves a little
> better.
> Bomb em, nuke em-- and let em have it! And, I predict that Iraq is about
> to get it really good. You'll see. They deserve it too.

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