> I believe that sometime soon, someone will use a tactical nuke to take out a
> carrier battlegroup - they have no other way of doing it.  If we were to use
> nukes now, then we would create a situation where we had sowed the seeds of
> our own loss.  We would have the moral low ground when that event occurs.

Once the nukes start getting tossed around it won't matter who was the first to use 
them because "everyone" will be using them as just another conventional weapon.  There 
won't be any moral high ground, just as there is no moral high ground right now in the 
use of tanks, planes, ships, artillery, grenades, rifles and so on.

Anyway, the US has already used nukes in war and has also threatened further use so 
the precendent is set.  Anyone using nukes in battle will justify themselves on the US 
precedent.  It won't matter if you agree with them or not, they will use that 
justification.  Not that justification has much to do with anything.  The nukes will 
kill lots of people with or without it and the response will be extremely hard to 
limit.  The genie came out of the bottle in about 1939 when the US decided to work on 
the bomb.

(Well, of course the moral high ground is to not wage war except as specified by 
scripture and revelation.)

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