Collateral damage would take on a whole new meaning!


Steven Montgomery wrote:

Not only that but what about the innocents who would undoubtedly lose their
lives in such an attack?

Steven Montgomery

At 10:09 AM 11/8/2002, you wrote:
>You weren't attacked by a nation. That's the problem.
>Paul Osborne wrote:
> > >Actually he admitted it on a videotape played on Al-Jezeera television,
> > out of
> > >Doha, Qatar, the day after. He'd prepared the video ahead of time, so
> > there's not
> > >much doubt.
> >
> > Right. And, I'm in favor of nuclear strikes if necessary--if that's what
> > it takes to knock out those people that support terrorism. And, I'm not
> > kidding either. We should have just nuked those mountains instead of
> > wasting time going up there to shoot them. We should demonstrate that an
> > attack on US soil will be met with the greatest of force. Then, these
> > punky nations will learn to fear us and police themselves a little
> > better.
> >
> > Bomb em, nuke em-- and let em have it! And, I predict that Iraq is about
> > to get it really good. You'll see. They deserve it too.
> >
> > Paul O

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