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I agree with this. Next time you are in sacrament meeting, evaluate each speaker. Ask yourself how effectively he used the scriptures in his talk. Give him a score on a 1 to 5 spectrum: 1=poor, 2=fair, 3=average, 4=good, 5=outstanding. Do this for each speaker and find the average for the meeting. If your ward is anything like mine, the average is pathetic. I just assume that the reason they don't use the scriptures in their talks is because they don't study them daily at home. Even temple attending saints frequently get up in meeting and speak for 10 or 15 minutes without once making a reference to the scriptures.
Sometimes you are given a topic that doesn't lend itself to lots of scriptural references. Recently I gave a talk on "How parents can help their children live the standards in For The Strength Of Youth". This one's difficult, although I put a couple of references in. An important topic, nonetheless.

If I'm teaching, however, I use the scriptures whenever and however I can. It is my opinion that the scriptures should always be used to make the points in the lesson, the opinion of the teacher is irrelevant. If you can't prove it from the scriptures, don't say it at all (unless you clearly say that it is your opinion only).

Harold Stuart

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