Stacy asked
>I've wanted out of here for some time.  Does that mean I'm wrong?

Some people have a real hard time living in this lousy world. Coping
skills vary too. I'm rather weak and have panic/anxiety attacks that
cannot be easily controlled and do silly outbursts in public or sometimes
act like a complete idiot. That might not be your problem--but I'm sure
you have your own bag of troubles as we all do. Just hang in there. If I
can do it anyone can because I'm a real mess.

Death is a wonderful release for the righteous and an essential ordinance
of the gospel. I hope I'm the first person on this list to experience
this ordinance. Try not to get mad at God because it just doesn't do any
good. I've been through it and sometimes I think God is real mean and I
just want to yell at him but I love him so much so I don't yell at him
very often. 

Paul O

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