> In my experience it is common to find "social" mormons with a
> misplaced sense of loyalty to such matters.  They identify more
> strongly with sociopolitical ideology than with their faith in
> Christ.

Funny you should write this, Jim. Just today, I was bathing in raw 
sewage, er, that is, reading the SL Tribune, and happened upon this 


The article talks about a group of Mormons who "strive for social 
justice" and have branded themselves "Mormons for Equality and Social 
Justice, or MESJ". One member paradoxically states that "one of the 
unstated goals of the organization is that you can be both 'liberal' and 
Mormon." Another goes on to say:

"Sometimes it's hard to say I'm Mormon because of the political 

Social Mormon, indeed. Note that it's not hard for him to say he's 
liberal among Mormons; rather, it's hard for him to acknowledge he's 
Mormon among liberals. In my personal experience, I find this fairly 
typical for those American Latter-day Saints who consider themselves 
politically "liberal".


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