If Satan can't intimidate or bully us with physical trials, he'll often 
try to fool us with substitute issues and programs. He would like us to 
invest our time, talents, and energy in causes that are not the cause of 
Zion, in the hope they may ultimately replace our commitment to the 
gospel. Often these other concerns are valid and worthwhile. That is 
irrelevant. The deception comes in giving these concerns a higher 
priority in our lives than our gospel covenants and thus to prove 
unfaithful to our first love, who is Christ. Those who are fooled in 
this way usually feel the Church is not doing enough in the area of 
their pet concerns. They may become disenchanted with the program of the 
Church and begin to follow "alternate voices." These 
members do not lack zeal; indeed, they are often strong enough to endure 
tremendous trials. But Satan has diverted their zeal to the defense of 
other causes instead of Zion, and they don't perceive that their 
shifting loyalty is really unfaithfulness. Those so deceived do not 
generally reject Christ; they just decide to interpret his will 
differently or to serve him in different ways or according to new 
standards and values, and their original commitments take a backseat to 
their new agenda. In essence, they change their spiritual compass 
headings. But the truth is that they couldn't be trusted to hold their 
original course and keep their original commitments. They didn't endure. 
(Stephen E. Robinson, Following Christ.)

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