There's been a lot of discussion about this. My own opinion is that, given speech
patterns of the day, the sentence is parsed better with a comma after "used". In
other words, it *does* restrict meat to only times of winter or hunger.  The
phrase "not be used only" is anachronistically late 20th century. Otherwise it
appears to be self-contradictory, unless you're living mostly in times of winter
and hunger. In any case, I don't think it's a big deal, but it certainly isn't a
justification for vegetarianism, as good an idea as vegetarianism may be (but for
others, not me!)

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> After much pondering, Jon Spencer favored us with:
> >So exactly what does (paraphrasing from memory) the following mean: "eat
> >meat sparingly and only in the winter" ?
> That is not what it says.  It says,  "Eat meat sparingly and they should
> not be used only in times of winter or hunger."  To me that clearly means
> that we should not limit our use of these things to winter or hunger.  But
> that we are to eat meat sparingly at all times.
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