After much pondering, Gary Smith favored us with:
We had gone through 5 years of war, with our allies having gone through
more. Japan was enslaving the peoples of China and Korea, using the women
for all kinds of unspeakable things. Japan tortured our American soldiers
they captured. 20 million Russian allies died because of Hitler. Hitler
had slaughtered 6 million Jews. Millions of soldiers had died on all
fronts.  We wanted the war to end. I mean, Germany had surrendered, and
Japan insisted on continuing the fight they had started.
By some estimates as many as 75 million Chinese died during Mao's cultural revolution. It is hard for me to imagine that China under Japanese rule would have been any more horrendous and probably less so. This is one of my reasons for believing the USA should be neutral in these foreign wars and keep our troops home in case we should ever need them. Whenever we meddle in the internal affairs of other nations, we never know what the outcome would have been if we had not become involved. Why save the people of nation X from nation Y if the government of nation X is just a totalitarian dictatorship anyway?

It isn't that the USA should not enforce a peace in the world, it cannot. There are going to be wars and atrocities throughout the world until the Lord comes in the clouds of heaven.
And when we prop up an unelected, totalitarian dictatorship, to what extent to we become guilty of the atrocities committed by the dictatorship?

One of the things that I learned from watching Wagner's Niebelungenlied a number of years ago is that it is the game of the nations of Europe to gain hegemony over their enemies by entering into treaties. By the making of treaties, wicked men such as Napoleon and Hitler have sought to conquer. It is not of God. And undoubtedly this is why we here in the USA wanted independence. We fought a War of Independence. Independence from whom. Great Britain only? No, we sought to be independent among all the nations of the earth. We wanted to be free to create our own little paradise, or not, right here in the Americas. That is what the Monroe Doctrine was all about.

Why did the Father of our Country, George Washington warn us against "entangling alliances?" He knew that if we became involved in such alliances we would be a nation of near constant war, just as the rest of the nations are.

Some time before the Second Coming, Zion will reign here upon the American continent. And it will be independent of every creature under heaven. The righteous will flow unto Zion, and the wicked will avoid us in fear. Does anyone suppose that in that day Zion will be involved in these entangling alliances?

The Great Jehovah is going to create a lasting peace on this earth. He is going to champion the downtrodden, and lift up the weak things of the earth. But the United States cannot do it. And it ought not to try. Because if we wage war to right all wrongs, we will end up committing greater wrongs than we have sought to right.

I just wish the USA would bring its military home, maintain embassies in those nations that truly want us there, and let the rest of the world agitate itself to pieces if they refuse to repent and serve the Lord. In that way, the USA could be part of the Zion that will await the coming of the Lord. We can best serve the other nations of the earth by setting a good example of peace and freedom, and by continuing to serve as a haven or sanctuary for those around the world that have been dispossessed by war and tyranny.

"A liberal in the Church is merely one who does not have
a testimony." --President Harold B. Lee
All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR

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