Just a little side note about Japanese treatment of POWs and a little more.

57% of the POWs held by Japan died.   A little less than 1% of the POWs held
by Germany and the horrid Hitler died.  The world pursued the German war
criminals for 50+ years; the Japanese war criminals pretty much were

No whining about the bombs is allowed in my area.


Gary Smith wisely wrote:

> We had gone through 5 years of war, with our allies having gone through
> more. Japan was enslaving the peoples of China and Korea, using the women
> for all kinds of unspeakable things. Japan tortured our American soldiers
> they captured. 20 million Russian allies died because of Hitler. Hitler
> had slaughtered 6 million Jews. Millions of soldiers had died on all
> fronts.  We wanted the war to end. I mean, Germany had surrendered, and
> Japan insisted on continuing the fight they had started.
> Although it is a shame we had to do it, Japan was not serious about
> surrender until we dropped the bomb. Had we invaded the island, we would
> have been fighting in the streets of Tokyo, where millions would have
> ended up casualties in order to protect the emperor.

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