I agree -- the 101st airborne, which is a light division and can be airlifted, as
its name implies, was the first *foreign* military on the scene, but they were
not the first military forces there.

Dan R Allen wrote:

> Marc:
> I don't think so. The foreigners had to get their assets into place, too.
> It
> wasn't unilateral. In fact, it's ironic that you're showing this particular
> kind
> of ignorance on the topic -- it was precisely because the Saudis allowed
> foreign,
> non-Moslem soldiers on its soil that set bin Laden off. You started off
> politically, first with the Saudis, to get permission to move some of the
> things
> that couldn't be airlifted in (like most of the tanks your army uses).
> Light
> infantry were only brought in when the infrastructure was in place. And
> Canadian,
> Australian and British ships can't sail any faster than their U.S.
> counterparts
> -- they headed for the Gulf months ahead of time, just like the U.S. forces
> did.
> Dan:
> My recollection is slightly different here Marc: The Airborne Divisions
> were the first in. They were there to provide defense against a possible
> thrust into Saudi Arabia, and the area around the shipyards so that the
> heavy material had a place to stage from.
> Beyond that you're right: everybody had to get their equipment there and
> sorted out before anything could get started.
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