It is kind of rough. If he leaves from Skagway, he takes the Alaska Highway to
just across the BC/Yukon border, then head uth to Prince Rupert, hit the
Coquahalla Highway to Vancouver -- it's like a big backwards "C", whereas if he
goes through Grande Prairie AB (where I think Kilometre 0 is on the Alaska
Highway), he goes east a bit on highway 43 to Valleyview, then SSE on Highway 40
to Gunn, where the highway turns into freeway. In fact, it just occurred to me
that the next town after Gunn is Onoway, so he could see Mark quite easily.
Highway 40 ends at the Yellowhead (highway 16) which goes east into Edmonton,
splitting into 16 and 16A, which go on either side of Spruce Grove. From there
it's highway 2 where the speed limit is 110 kph, the fastest in Canada, to Calgary
and Fort Macleod. Then highway 3 on the Crowsnest Highway to Lethbridge. From
there you can take a 45-minute detour to Cardston on highway 5, or you go SE from
Lethbridge to the Coutts AB/Sweetgrass MT border crossing (which is in the process
of being upgraded to freeway). From Sweetgrass it's I-15 all the way south to Salt

Alternately, if he drives from Prince Rupert, it's the Yellowhead all the way
through Jasper National Park to Edmonton, via Spruce Grove; Onoway is only a 10
minute side trip. That's the most direct way. Hey, John, you could see Bonnie. She
lives in Prince George, which is on the Yellowhead, deep in the interior of B.C.
(they're part of our temple district, in fact).

The only way to visit Seattle is to take the ferry down the Inside Passage from
Ketchikan (if there is one) or Prince Rupert, but that would take quite a while, I
would think -- a few days, John?

One helluva drive, I must say. And one I'd like to take some day.

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> After much pondering, Stephen Beecroft favored us with:
> >If you decide to take the coastal route, stop by and visit. I'll even
> >show you around Microsoft's campus, though I can't get in any
> >buildings...
> I wish I could, Stephen.  But there isn't any coastal route from the
> Seattle area to Prince Rupert.  It means driving hundreds of miles inland
> to go north in BC only to drive hundreds of miles back to the coast.
> You mean you can't get in any of the building because they laid you off?
> Shame on them.  Now that you are no longer working for Microsoft, do you
> still have the tenacious loyalty to them that you used to feel?
> How is the job hunt going?
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