Don't worry, John, they all look the same anyway.... ;-)

But it is a nice, green campus -- kind of like a university. Stephen was a good
host when I visited there. Sadly illness has prevented return trips, although my
minister has been down since to speak at the Microsoft world government leaders
conference, and normally I'm part of his retinue. I like Seattle (except for the
traffic). I'm one of the few people who, during the all too brief time I lived
there, actually enjoyed the climate.

Stephen Beecroft wrote:

> If you decide to take the coastal route, stop by and visit. I'll even
> show you around Microsoft's campus, though I can't get in any
> buildings...
> Stephen
> John W. Redelfs wrote:
> > It looks like I'm going to make a whirlwind visit to SLC-Provo this
> > coming
> > weekend.  My son-in-law, Jeff, has taken a job with the University of
> > Alaska in Juneau and has to report for work on the 19th.  He is going to
> >
> > fly up and leave my daughter with the job of driving the family
> > automobile
> > to Prince Rupert and putting it on the ferry.  I thought I would fly
> > down
> > there and help her drive back.
> >
> > So...  I'm going to be in Provo from about 4:00 PM Saturday, until I hit
> >
> > the road for Canada on Wednesday morning, Nov. 20th.  I've got to be to
> > the
> > ferry in Prince Rupert by Sunday the 24th at 4:30 PM.
> >
> > By my calculations it is going to be a 1287 miles trip from Provo to
> > Prince
> > Rupert by shortest route.  But the route passes pretty close to Cardston
> >
> > and Edmonton.  I wonder if I should breeze through and say hi to Tom and
> >
> > the two Emontonions on my way.  It would only add about 300 miles to my
> > trip, and I'm going to get to Prince Rupert about a day early anyway.
> > It
> > sure would be fun to meet Tom, Marc and Mark face to face.
> >
> > Anyone in the Provo-SLC area that would like to go to McDonald's with me
> > or
> > something?
> >
> > Your friend and brother,
> > John W. Redelfs, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> >
> >
> >
> Stephen
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